Success Stories: PERM for an Operations Director Approved

This client with our immigration law firm has a tower crane service company and needed to fill the position of operations director. There are not many people in the world who qualify for this position where safety is at stake. Therefore, the employer was willing to go through a PERM process to advertise the position in the Sunday newspaper, at a job fair, on the employer website, and at the job search site according to strict regulations. The employer received over 200 applications, but no applicant was willing, able, qualified, and ready to take the job.

PERM for Operations Manager

We submitted the application for permanent employment certification to the US Department of Labor. Originally, the US Department of Labor erroneously concluded that one applicant met the qualification requirements, but we showed that that applicant had no connection to the US and was not a US worker who this process is designed to protect. The application was certified and we can now file the petition and green card application to complete the green card process through an employer.

Please note that this article does not constitute legal advice.  We simplified the law to show a case study about one aspect of the EB-3 process, the green card process through employment.  If you would like to discuss if you qualify for an EB-3 green card based on your employment, schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, or call the Juras Law Firm, PLC office at 480-425-2009! We look forward to talking with you!


PERM notice during COVID-19 pandemic

An employer sponsoring a foreign worker for a green card (legal permanent resident status) needs to post the Notice of Filing for 10 consecutive business days at the worksite. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic questions arose how to satisfy the notice requirement when many offices are closed and employees work from their homes. On July 23, 2020 the Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification confirmed that the PERM Notice of Filing requirement is flexible and employers could even satisfy it by posting it on the exterior door of its building, office, or front entry even if the work place is 100% closed and employees are 100% remote, so long as the business is operational (i.e., conducting business). 

For more information about sponsoring a foreign worker for a permanent position and PERM labor certification, click here. If you would like to discuss if you can sponsor a foreign worker for a green card, call an experienced immigration attorney at 480-425-2009 or schedule your consultation online.