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We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of legal services. We handle each case as if it were our own. We are always accessible to communicate with you because your satisfaction is paramount. You will benefit from our multicultural background, multilingual skills, and legal expertise.   We are attentive, pro-active, and creative problem solvers offering practical, comprehensive, and cost-effective legal solutions tailored to meet your need all with a personal touch. We see your case as if it were our own, with your satisfaction as our priority.

Immigration Law: Juras Law Firm provides legal services to foreign nationals who want to live and work in the United States, and to companies who want to hire foreign nationals. If you are seeking an employment visa, investor visa, family-based visa, citizenship, or permanent residency (“green card”) for yourself or for your employees, we can help. Learn more at our Immigration FAQs page.

Bankruptcy Law: We represent debtors and creditors in our practice. We help people and businesses file for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies, address tax concerns and credit concerns, and we help maintain homeownership by stopping foreclosure and harassing phone calls. We also protect creditors’ rights. We have represented clients in international bankruptcy/cross-border cases and handle litigation in the bankruptcy courts. Learn more at our Bankruptcy FAQs page.

The Juras Law Firm was established in 2004. With our attorneys’ more than 20 years of legal experience, we focus on Immigration Law and, Bankruptcy Law. Our services are focused on a World of New Beginnings™ . . . new geographical beginnings, new financial beginnings, new markets, new business beginnings – new countries, new businesses, new business growth and new ideas. We have represented clients from over 90 countries and 6 continents. Our clients are located in the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Philippines, and all over the world. We represent a diverse clientele: individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-size businesses, and large corporations. Our clients are mainly from service industries, real estate, investment, transportation, health care, retail, and food industries. We’re based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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