Visa Fees Will Increase on June 17, 2023

Starting from June 17, 2023, the fees for certain types of temporary (non-immigrant) visas will increase. The fees for visitor visas for business (B-1) or tourism (B-2), student visas (F), exchange visitor (J) visas, and certain temporary worker visas will go up by different amounts. For example, the fee for a visitor visa (B) and other visas (F, J) that do not require a petition to be filed with USCIS will increase from $160 to $185. The fee for temporary worker visas such as H, L, O, P, Q, and R, which do require an approved petition, will increase from $190 to $205. The fees for E visas will increase from $205 to $315.If you have already paid your visa fees before June 17, 2023, the amount you paid will still be considered valid until the expiration date on your fee receipt.

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