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I will highly recommend your firm because of your “savoir faire.” You know exactly what door to open to help us the clients. You handle our case as it if was yours. Thank you!  Mrs. Irena, I named her the “Iron Lady” because she is tough. She knows how to handle my O-1 visa case, explained me all options and all steps. As an immigrant, she knows very well how to help. I deeply appreciate her and I am looking forward for her help in getting me a green card. Thank you, Irena. Good job!” MM

“Over the past eight years Irena has been helpful to myself and my companies on many levels. She has successfully set-up real estate acquisition corporations for me, prepared buy/sell type and stock holder documentation for a service corporation I own. In addition to serving as a resident local agent of other business interests of mine, her diverse breath of experience with my companies includes involvement in contract dispute resolution and collections. I feel comfortable recommending Irena for representation on a variety of business related legal fronts.” PC

“Irena Juras is a highly competent attorney who is focused, humanistic, professional. A frightening event in our lives was brought under control both through reassurance, coaching and strength to rely on. Excellent job.” DW & PW

“Thank you for representing our case, especially with our situation overburdened with debts. Now we can have a fresh start. You suggested all options in order for us to be helped with our situation.” JS & AS

“I was blessed to have you as my attorney. You helped me a lot in my time of need and answered all my questions. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God bless. I will definitely recommend you and ask again for service in the future if needed.” ED

“I highly value and appreciate everything you’ve done on my behalf over the last year. This has been a highly difficult and quite traumatic process, one which you have been instrumental in making more manageable. Thank you very much.” ER

“Ms. Juras was very helpful & reassuring during the complete process. She made this difficult situation much more tolerable. Thank you very much.” JLR

“I am very satisfied with the Juras Law Firm’s services. Irena Juras is very professional and a pleasure to know. I would definitely return to her.” CC

“I am very satisfied with the Juras Law Firm’s representation. I would refer a friend to the Juras Law Firm.” JQ

“Hello, good morning, I would like to recommend Juras Law Firm for its excellent work in relation to my legal process. Attorney Irena has proven to be super professional, efficient, and agile in all the advice, accompaniment and process of all the information. At the same time its human quality is also remarkable, in summary for its professional and human quality I do not hesitate to recommend Juras Law Firm for all your legal processes.” SJ

“I do highly recommend Irena coz she is very professional and friendly so approachable. She did very well in helping me and my fiancé process our k-1 visa.” RC

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