Upcoming new H-1B registration process

As we gear up for the H-1B registration and filing season, here’s a quick heads-up on what’s new and why reaching out to an immigration attorney might be your best move.

What’s Happening:

The H-1B registration process is getting a makeover! There are new procedures being implemented by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for the H-1B registration process.  USCIS is adding a collaboration platform to the H-1B registration system to allow more flexibility for employers.  The employers will be able to do the entire H-1B filing online.  It is important to plan ahead.

Key Dates:

Keep an eye on crucial dates. The H-1B registration will start in March.  USCIS is planning to make the new H-1B collaboration platform accessible in February.  Understanding the timeline is essential to ensure you don’t miss anything that will result in denial. Mark your calendars for the upcoming registration and filing deadlines.

New Procedures:

The H-1B registration process has evolved, and there are updates you need to be aware of. From the new H-1B registration system to the filing procedures, you need stay informed for the successful H-1B process.

Why Consider an Immigration Attorney:

With upcoming changes, having an immigration attorney by your side can make the process smoother.  An immigration attorney is the go-to expert, helping you navigate the complexities of the new H-1B process and ensuring the successful H-1B approval.

Get in Touch:

Don’t hesitate to reach out! If you’re an employer looking to sponsor an employee or if you are an employee aiming for an H-1B, our immigration attorneys are here to guide you through the process. Schedule your consultation with an experienced H-1B immigration attorney at www.calendly.com/irena-3/30min