What are immigration options for investors and enterpreneurs?

Let’s look at some of the immigration options for enterpreneurs.

One option is apply for a treaty investor visa (E-2) if you invest substantial amount of money and create at least one job for a US worker. You have to be from a country that allows for such visa. Click here (or here) for some examples of our cases.

Another option is to apply for a treaty trader visa (E-1) if you carry on substantial trade principally between the United States and your country that signed a treaty that allows for such visa.

The third option is to apply for investor green card (EB-5) if you invest at least $900,000 in certain areas or $1.8 million anywhere.

The fourth option is for people who work has substantial merit or national importance and may qualify for a National Interest Waiver. For more information if you may qualify click here and for an example of one of our cases click here.

The fifth option may be to apply for H-1B visa under certain circumstances.

The sixth option may be a green card for extraordinary people (EB-1) who have risen to the very top of their field and have sustained national or international acclaim. They may have a really well-known international award like the Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize, or other things that can prove extraordinary achievements like a high salary, critical role in a distinquised organization, published work, exclusive membership, or exhibited material.

There may be other options based on your situation. Please note that this article does not constitute a legal advice.  We simplified the law to provide only general information.  This article does not replace competent legal advice from a competent immigration lawyer. If you have enterpreneurial spirit and would like to discuss your options and the best way to stay or move to the U.S. legally, schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer in Phoenix at today or call our office at 480-425-2009.