P-1 visa for a Canadian golfer

An elite Canadian golfer came to our office seeking assistance with his P-1 visa in order to compete in the upcoming US golf tournaments and events. His agent was the petitioner.

First, we had to establish that our client is an internationally-recognized and respected golfer. We submitted supporting documents of his achievements and reputation as a professional golfer:

( i ) Evidence of his participation to a significant extent in a prior season in a major United States golf tours events; 
( ii ) Evidence of his participation in international competitions;
( iii ) Evidence of his participation to a significant extent U.S. college or university in intercollegiate competitions; 
( v )   Evidence that he is ranked; and 
( vi) Evidence that he has received a significant honors and awards in the sport. 

We have also submitted an itinerary of the golf events he plans to participate. The petition was approved without any problems and his P-1 visa was issued based on the approved petition. Congratulations!

This blog does not constitute a legal advice.  We simplified the law in order to outline a case study of the P-1 visa process for an internationally recognized athlete, in this case a golfer.  If you would like to discuss if you may qualify for P visa, call our experienced P visa attorney at 480-425-2009 or contact an experienced P visa attorney via our website to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing how we can help you obtain your P visa.