H-3 Visa for Trainees

H-3 visa is for a temporary worker invited by an individual or organization for purposes of receiving instruction and training in any field of endeavor (other than graduate medical education or training) that is not available in trainee’s home country. The training program must be one that is not designated primarily to provide productive employment unless it is incidental and necessary to the training and pursuing a career outside the U.S.  Productive employment should be minimal. The trainee will not be placed in a position that is in the normal operation of the business in which U.S. citizen and resident workers are regularly employed. The training will benefit the trainee in pursuing a career outside the U.S.  H-3 visa holder is admitted for the length of the training program, but no longer than two years.   If you need help with H-3 visa application, call Juras Law Firm, Phoenix Immigration Attorney at 480-425-2009 or contact us TODAY to schedule a CONSULTATION!