Bankruptcy and Home Ownership

Can I Keep My House in a Bankruptcy?

Achieving homeownership is a dream of many Americans. Yet, that dream can be stolen away when the mortgage payments become difficult to make due to job loss, medical bills, or other unmanageable expenses. If you are facing foreclosure or believe you are on the path to losing your home, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help prevent foreclosure and give you additional time to make your mortgage payments.

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Can I Keep My House in Bankruptcy?

It may be possible to save your home through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While there are several options available for you to keep your home, such as mortgage refinancing, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often the only option to save a home from foreclosure. This is true because Chapter 13 provides specific tools to help keep you in your home.

First, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay arrearages or back mortgage payments over the course of three or five years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy prepares a repayment plan, in which debtors agree to pay a portion of their income to creditors. The repayment plan allows debtors to pay back missed mortgage payments over the course of three to five years. Thus, debtors are allowed to keep their home and avoid foreclosure so long as they can make payments under the new repayment plan.

Second, Chapter 13 may strip second or third mortgages. Due to the drop in the housing market, millions of homeowners owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth. With this reduced home value, second or third mortgages are often left unsecured. This means that in Chapter 13, the homeowner can strip the second or third mortgage and discharge these debts at the end of the repayment period. Often, debtors can stay in their home without ever paying these liens.

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