USCIS Clarified Guidance on Deployment of EB-5 Investment Capital

USCIS has updated its Policy Manual with clarifying guidance on the deployment of investment capital under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. It addresses the deployment of capital by a new commercial enterprise before and after jobs have been created.

Before the job creation requirement is met, a new commercial enterprise may deploy capital directly or through any financial instrument so long as applicable requirements are satisfied. The purchase of financial instruments traded on secondary markets generally does not satisfy these requirements.

USCIS further clarifies that once the job creation requirement has been met and the investment capital is returned, the new commercial enterprise may further deploy such capital within a reasonable amount of time (12 months or longer) into any commercial activity that is consistent with the purpose of the new commercial enterprise. Further deployment must continue to meet all applicable eligibility requirements within the framework of the initial bases of eligibility and must occur within the regional center’s geographic area, including any amendments to its geographic area approved before the further deployment. The further deployment, however, does not need to remain with the same (or any) job creating entity or in a targeted employment area.

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