Stop Foreclosure

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

Overdue mortgage payments and other unpaid debts can make a difficult financial situation seem impossible. When financial conditions threaten foreclosure, bankruptcy may be your last chance to save your home. While filing for bankruptcy can stop foreclosure on your home, it is important to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney immediately, to create a repayment plan to successfully protect your home.

In Arizona, the majority of foreclosures are trustee’s sales. Since the trustee’s sales do not require a court proceeding, it is important to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you receive the 90-day notice of the trustee’s sale. Foreclosure can be stopped by filing a bankruptcy. Call the Juras Law Firm for a consultation to find out whether bankruptcy is right for you.

The Juras Law Firm is serving the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, area, and helping clients stop foreclosures. Contact us online, or by phone at (480) 425-2009 to discuss your needs in a CONSULTATION.

Foreclosure and Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will only delay foreclosure proceedings until the lender goes to court and obtains relief from the automatic stay. Unless a homeowner has the funds to cover outstanding mortgage payments relief from the stay and foreclosure will most likely occur.

Homeowners who have accumulated arrears on their mortgage may file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure and permit homeowners to pay their mortgage arrearages over the period of time through their three or five-year Chapter 13 plan. Stop Foreclosure of Your Home Today, call (480) 425-2009!

In addition to avoiding foreclosure through bankruptcy, the Juras Law Firm will help you understand the pros and cons of pursuing a deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sales. We can help you make informed decision on how best to proceed with solving your financial difficulties. Call us at (480) 425-2009 or contact us via email today.