National Interest Waiver approved for Mining Engineer

A mining engineer with a Master of Science in Mineral Engineering with specialization in Geotechnical Engineering came to our office to evaluate if he qualifies for the National Interest Waiver. He has made a major scientific contribution in the field of mining.  He has developed a new way of using existing test methods to predict long-term stability of rock piles at a low cost.  Other practitioners are using his results. 

We were able to show all 3 criteria necessary for the National Interest Waiver. We documented that his work, solving mining rock piles slope stability problems and improving the overall safety of people working on both surfaces (open pit and underground mining industry) has national importance. He is well positioned to advance his work based on his education, skills, knowledge, record of success, a plan for future activities, progress toward achieving his goals and interest of companies and investors. We were also able to document that on balance, it would be beneficial to the U.S. to waive the job offer and the labor certification requirements based on his contributions.

Please note that this article does not constitute legal advice.  We simplified the law to provide only general information.  If you would like to stay or move to the U.S. permanently and would like to discuss if you qualify for the National Interest Waiver, schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer in Scottsdale at or call our office at 480-425-2009