Marriage Green Card Approved in Less Than 10 Minutes

My clients met 3 years ago and got married 23 months later. The husband is a citizen of France and the wife is a U.S. citizen. They came to my office a few months after they got married seeking representation in connection with wife petitioning for her husband’s marriage green card. I explained the process and the importance of documenting bona fides of their marriage and created a plan for evidencing all aspects of bona fides of their marriage.

At the time of filing the petition, the processing time was less than a year. However, recently, the processing time has increased and it took 1.5 years for the interview to be scheduled for them. My clients followed my advice and documented bona fides of their marriage diligently exactly according to my instructions. I prepared my client for the interview and they knew exactly what to expect at the interview.

Once the officer of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) saw that we presented evidence of all aspects of their marriage and once he saw all evidence the USCIS expects to see in a marriage green card case, he approved the husband’s marriage green card in less than 10 minutes. The officer did not even ask how they met!

This marriage green card case really shows the importance of preparation, the importance of working with an experienced immigration attorney who knows exactly what the USCIS expects and wants to see in order to avoid any delays and have the marriage green card case processed smoothly. Congratulations!

If you like your marriage green card case to go smoothly and be processed without delays, call the marriage green card immigration attorney Irena Juras at 480-425-2009 for a consultation or contact us through our website. We look forward to helping you get your marriage green card!