Should I File for Bankruptcy Before a Divorce?

When a married couple experiences financial problems, it can result in disagreements and strains in the relationship. Many people who are going through a divorce have also gone through a recent bankruptcy or will file bankruptcy after the divorce. During this transitional time, it is wise to work with an attorney who can advocate for your rights and best interests in both legal matters.

At the Juras Law Firm, PLC, Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer Irena Juras has extensive knowledge of bankruptcy and how it relates to divorce. She skillfully protects the rights of people in bankruptcy proceedings and helps them decide the advisable time for filing. Contact us online today to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

Bankruptcy or Divorce First?

Perhaps the most important question on your mind is, “Should I file bankruptcy first, or should I wait to file bankruptcy until after my divorce?” The answer to this question differs for each person. Our bankruptcy attorney can talk to you about your specific circumstances and guide you toward the correct decision.

In a divorce, you and the other party will come to an agreement regarding property division, child custody, child support and spousal support. If you file bankruptcy during divorce proceedings, the automatic stay will halt property division but not custody or support. The bankruptcy will address marital debt, which is considered in property division. Phoenix property division attorney Irena Juras can explain the pros and cons of filing before, during or after a divorce and guide you in the direction that is best for your situation.

Contact a Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer

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