Apply for asylum before new rules make it more difficult!

If you live in fear of being tortured or killed in your country for your religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, nationality or membership in a group, you may consider applying for asylum. For more information about asylum, click here. The United States has long been a place of hope and safety people coming to America to escape religions persecution, political torture and other persecution.

Starting January 11, 2021, there will be new asylum rules that will make it more difficult to get asylum in the United States. It is essential to call an immigration lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible. What will be considered “persecution” will be limited. What types of groups will be considered for asylum purposes will be limited. What will be considered political opinon for asylum purposes will be limited. The connection between your believes and harm will need to be more narow. Asylum will be also restricted if people could have sought asylum in a different country. The new asylum rule are being challenged in federal court.

Note, the above is only an outline of some of the new asylum rule’s changes. If you you think you may qualify for asylum, call an experienced immigration lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible at 480-425-2009 or schedule your consultation online It is imperative that your asylum applications is filed before January 11, 2021.