Treaty investor (E-2) visa for a restaurant owner from Canada

Our client came to our office seeking help with her E-2 visa. She was in the process of purchasing a full service restaurant in the Phoenix area for $150,000. The source of investment was the sale of her home in Canada. We documented well that the restaurant was real and doing business. The restaurant was well established and was operating in the Phoenix area for years. We had also sufficient documents to show that the investment was “substantial” and not marginal. The restaurant had more than 20 employees and healthy financials. We also submitted a business plan how to increase profit of the restaurant and create additional jobs.

We prepared the visa application and prepared our client for the interview. The interview went well and visas were approved for our client and her husband and a child. Congratulations!

Please note that this article does not constitute a legal advice.  We simplified the law in order to outline the treaty investor (E-2) visa process.  If you would like to discuss if you may qualify for investor (E-2) visa, call our experienced investor (E-2) visa attorney at 480-425-2009 or contact an experienced treaty investor (E-2) attorney via our website to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing how we can help you obtain your investor (E-2) visa.