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At the Juras Law Firm, PLC, attorney Irena Juras represents creditors, debtors, trustee’s, foreign representatives and other parties who need assistance with foreign and U.S. bankruptcies. Our firm’s unique international experience and knowledge allow us to provide clients with dedicated and effective legal services designed to protect your assets and financial interests, regardless of the location of the bankruptcy or assets.

If you are involved in cross-border bankruptcy and are looking for skilled legal counsel, contact Irena Juras, an Arizona-based international bankruptcy attorney.

An International Bankruptcy Practice

Adopted in 2005, Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code includes provides details regarding ancillary and other cross-border insolvencies including:

  • Trustees or representatives of foreign bankruptcies can seek assistance from U.S. courts.  We represent foreign trustees who need help with debtor assets on U.S. soil by filing a petition for recognition of a foreign proceeding. We can handle this ancillary cross-border case and will work to protect your interests in the U.S. proceedings.
  • Trustees or representatives of U.S. bankruptcies can seek assistance from foreign courts. We assist clients, such as creditors, who have an interest in foreign assets during a U.S. bankruptcy. We will petition the foreign court in order to preserve your interest in the foreign property.
  • Creditors or trustees with an interest in a U.S. bankruptcy can participate in a U.S. bankruptcy. At the Juras Law Firm, we represent both creditors and trustees in foreign jurisdictions who have an interest in a U.S. Bankruptcy.
  • Simultaneous foreign and U.S. bankruptcy proceedings can be coordinated. Under Chapter 15, we will work to coordinate the U.S. bankruptcy with a foreign bankruptcy as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At the Juras Law Firm, we represent businesses and individuals in international and cross-border bankruptcies. Attorney Irena Juras can provide the legal guidance you need to resolve your bankruptcy. In addition to 17 years of bankruptcy experience in private practice, she spent two years working as a law clerk to the Honorable James M. Marlar of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona. This has given her the knowledge and experience to resolve even the most complex bankruptcy issues.

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