Investor (EB-5) Green Card

Immigrant Investor Visa (EB-5) – Green Card

An EB-5 visa allows investors, their spouses and children to immigrate to the U.S. permanently (obtain green cards). Investors and their families can qualify for EB-5 visa if they invest capital of $1 million in a new commercial enterprise and create employment for at least ten full time U.S. employees. Investors can also qualify for investor (EB-5) visas if they invest capital of $500,000.00 in a Targeted Employment Area and create employment for at least ten full time U.S. employees. A Targeted Employment Area for EB-5 purposes is either a rural area or an area of a high unemployment. Investors can further qualify for an EB-5 visa if they invest capital of $500,000.00 in a Regional Center.

Only 10,000 of EB-5 visas are authorized each year. Of the 10,000 EB-5 visas available annually, 5,000 of them are reserved for investors of Regional Centers. Regional Centers are economic units that promote job creation and investment in a new or failing business enterprise in a specific region of the U.S.

We can help you obtain EB-5 visa either through direct investment or through investment in a Regional Center. Attorney Irena Juras can also answer your questions about EB-5 visa process. She has the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve your investment and immigration issues. Calls us today and learn how you can become a legal permanent resident through investment and job creation.

Regional Centers

Instead of setting up your own business or purchasing an existing business, you can obtain a green card through investment in one of the USCIS approved Regional Centers. The requirements for an investor to invest in the Regional Centers under the Pilot Program are essentially the same as in the basic EB-5 investor program except the Pilot Program allows for a less restrictive requirement for “indirect” rather than “direct” job creation. Most USCIS approved Regional Centers are also located in Targeted Employment Areas in which the required investment is just $500,000.

Since it was created in 1993, the Regional Center Program has attracted more than a billion dollars in foreign investment to the United States, and created thousands of new domestic jobs. There are now over 200 Regional Centers across the country (five in Arizona), with new applications pending. If you are interested in investing in Regional Center, contact our office at 480-425-2009.

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